Technology for Nonprofits: 5 Ways to Save Your Precious Time

It’s tech month here at MemoryFox! As a technology company, we know firsthand the positive impact that solutions like ours can have on the efficiency and effectiveness of a nonprofit. All month long we will be sharing insights about how technology – especially tools built specifically for nonprofits – can help mission-driven organizations like yours!

When it comes to finding the best solution, it’s important to first understand the pain point you need to solve. While it may seem safe to assume that money is the top pain point for most nonprofits, lately we have found that “time” often reigns supreme.

That is why we are sharing our top 5 ways to save your precious time using technology for nonprofits. Let’s hop right in:

  1. Utilize Online Fundraising Platforms: Traditional fundraising methods can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. However, technology has revolutionized the way nonprofits raise funds by providing online platforms that simplify the donation process, event registration process, advertising reach and much more!

    For example, does your upcoming fundraising event include a live or silent auction? Long gone are the days of using a paper and pen to track bids, list winners and collect contact information! Let’s face it – sticking to manual input slows down the process, is less exciting for participants, and leaves room for error. It’s time to commit to using an online auction platform to save your organization time.

    If you are ready to level up your auctions, but are not quite sure where to start, you can learn auction insights directly from the experts at Auctria, when you sign up for our upcoming webinar “Unleash the Fundraising Frenzy: Turbocharge Revenue with Dynamic Events and Auctions!

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  1. Automate Administrative Tasks: Behind-the-scenes of their meaningful missions and impactful programs, nonprofits deal with a significant amount of administrative work. Today, there are numerous customer relationship management (CRM) systems that will help nonprofits streamline the most important pieces of information, including: donor management and donation tracking.

    You might think your spreadsheets “work just fine”, but the longer you wait, the more time you are wasting! Implementing a CRM not only saves you valuable time but also improves data accuracy, provides easy reporting, and applies automated procedures. These improvements will inevitably lead to enhanced donor stewardship and boost donor retention.

  1. Simplify Communication: Effective communication is essential for nonprofits, whether it’s with team members, volunteers, donors, or beneficiaries. Technology provides a range of tools to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration.

    Email marketing platforms enable nonprofits to send targeted messages, newsletters, and updates to their supporters, reaching a larger audience with minimal effort. If growing your email list is something your organization is looking to prioritize, I invite you to join our upcoming webinar “Grow Your Fanbase! Nonprofit Lead Generation Tips & Examples”.

    caroline griffin memoryfox webinar nonprofit lead generation
    Additionally, collaboration tools, such as Slack, are essential to help teams coordinate tasks, track progress, and ensure everyone is on the same page, regardless of their physical location. 

  1. Implement Data Analytics: Data-informed decision making is crucial for nonprofits to analyze their operations, track outcomes, and identify areas for improvement. This saves time by eliminating guesswork and ensuring resources are directed towards programs that yield the most significant impact.

    If you are not currently tracking your nonprofit website with Google Analytics – don’t wait! It’s completely free, user friendly, and is waiting to provide insights into donor behavior and preferences. Tracking and understanding the needs of your donors enables nonprofits to personalize their engagement strategies and maximize fundraising efforts.

  1. Create an Automated Story Bank: In today’s attention economy, you need more content than ever before. Videos, photos, and written testimonials are essential to adequately convey the work your organization is doing to your followers, supporters, program participants and donors. But, keeping all that content organized is challenging and time consuming. Oftentimes, pieces of content are floating between email, text, drive, and folder after folder – making it very difficult to remember where everything is stored, which causes frustration.

    When you use a technology memoryfox content collection story bank technology for nonprofitssolution, like MemoryFox, you remove the need to search, download, upload and redownload content. Instead, your automated story bank will organize the content upon capture directly from your community. An organized, automated story bank promises to save you precious time the next time you’re looking for a social media post, testimonial for an annual report, mission moment to share at a board meeting, or story for your newsletter.

Time is a precious resource. By harnessing the power of technology, nonprofits can save time on tedious tasks and focus more on their core objectives.

About the Author

Carly Euler
Marketing Manager, MemoryFox

Carly comes from the nonprofit world ready to elevate the hundreds of nonprofits in the MemoryFox community. She currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Wily Network’s Young Professionals Association, and has previously held positions at the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, the Code of Support Foundation, Kenya Lacrosse Association, and the BOMA Project, where she has specialized in marketing, communications, and fundraising. Storytelling has been an integral part of each role.